sugar-cover-400The Sugar Book

Fiction | Poetry | Other
5.5″x7″, 208 pp., paperback
Tarpaulin Sky Press

“Fans of Göransson’s distorted poetics will find this a productive addition to his body of work” (Publishers Weekly); “Sends its message like a mail train. Visceral Surrealism. His end game is an exit wound”(Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, Fanzine); “As savagely anti-idealist as Burroughs or Guyotat or Ballard.” (James Pate, Entropy Magazine); “Takes the reader far beyond their comfort zone, as poetry should. Just like Los Angeles herself, the poems inhabit that glittering/grotesque duality of Kardashian Family and Manson Family” (Carleen Tibbetts, American Microreviews); “I’m not sure that even Rimbaud would title a poem ‘My Sperm Gets in the Flowers’” (Johnny Payne, Cleaver Magazine); “convulses wildly like an animal that has eaten the poem’s interior and exterior all together with silver. bang bang” (Kim Hyesoon); “These poems made me cry. So sad and anxious and genius and glarey bright” (Rebecca Loudon)


haute-cover-400Haute Surveillance

Fiction | Poetry | Other
5.5″x7″, 200 pp., paperback
Tarpaulin Sky Press

“Beautifully startling and fucked and funny and tender and sad and putrid and glitter-covered all at once” (Blake Butler, VICE); “So filled with invention and wit and ferocity that I was compelled to read it, at times against my will, mesmerized, enthralled” (Carole Maso); “A book that is unclassifiable — part epic poem, part science fiction, part pornographic film, and all literature” (John Yau, Hyperallergic); “It’s spectacular, it’s pyrotechnics, it’s naked bodies and sex and orgies…. And there is trauma. It’s an emergency, a state of emergency. ‘The trauma saturates the mansion, it’s a trauma-rama’” (Laura Carter, Fanzine).


entrance-cover-400entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate

Fiction / Poetry / Drama
5.5″ x 7″, 100 pp., pbk.
Tarpaulin Sky Press

“Contains a gore so massive you will either shower or move the book to the other side of the bedroom upon opening its cover…. It is a new thing. Göransson has managed to produce a discomfiting, filthy, hilarious, and ecstatic piece of literature that is cocked and ready” (Lorian Long, Bookslut); “Goransson pays the ultimate penance and shoulders the heaviest burden: to reflect a culture accurately, no matter how disfigured. His art drinks deep of the disease it most fears so that we can learn more from his symptoms. He’s the Poet Laureate of the Coal Mine, our savior canary, dying and producing perpetually death-obsessed art that we might all be spared. So for all its ugliness—all its child predators and body dysmorphia, its castrations, its Ronald Reagans, its hate crimes and artists and anorexia, everything—Entrance is the dubious gift of the diagnosis we’ve been too afraid to confront on our own. It’s embarrassing, it’s frightening, but it’s also potentially the long-neglected first step in addressing a major disease”(Nick Demske).


pilotcoverPilot (Johann the Carousel Horse)

Poetry, 165 pages
Fairy Tale Review Press, 2008

Pilot (Johann the Carousel Horse) is an assemblage, a book of nursery rhymes gone wrong in translation. Its strange characters, abandoned from other texts, include Lilja, the Pearls of Stockholm and assorted imperiled girls. Here, in Johannes Goransson’s glittering exocity, they find a new and beautifully stitched home.

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Dear Ra (A Story in Flinches)

Paperback, 108 pages
Starcherone Books, 2008
Reissued by Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016

In this indeterminate text comprised of letters, resembling both fiction and poetry but not wholly comfortable in either category, each sentence is like being stabbed by a beautiful murderer, each new entry like crossing a border into another language. “As intimate as it is expansive, this hybrid prose-poem-novel trips from razor-blade symphonies, to the history of stares, from landlord snitches to basement laments, leading readers down existential corridors that blaze with the dark humor of guilt, of loneliness, and of wishes for vengeance that speak eloquently of what we can find at the core of humanity” –Steve Tomasula

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quarantineA New Quarantine Will Take My Place

Apostrophe Books, 2007

Welcome to Johannes “private genocide,” ground zero for figurative language. Put on your best pig smile and meet the gratuitous martyrs, Kublai Khan, Colin Powell, the jackle-hearted masses, Herman Melville, Egyptian dogs, and the Coca-Cola Cowboys. They’re all in the burning barn at the Big Dance where the Ballad of the Pig Circus plays like a torso full of “October of birds.” Beauty becomes “a riddle doused in gasoline” in this Postmodern epic that mixes surrealist impulses with L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E-esqe prosody. Notions of genre are demolished and language itself seems relegated to a wildly impossible epistemological space that is something akin to “whispering in hammers” or “speaking in silhouettes.”

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