476px-Aase_Berg_2011+(1)Aase Berg

Aase Berg (born 1967) is the author of seven books of poetry in Swedish, including, most recently, the critically acclaimed Hackers, and Liknöjd fauna, which won Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize for the best book of the year in 2012, “the mommy trilogy” (Forsla fett, Uppland and Loss), the gothic sci-fi epic Mörk Materia (Dark Matter) and the now-classic Hos Rådjur (With Deer). She is also the author of one book of criticism, Uggla (which won Lagercrantzen for best book of criticism in 2011), the young-adult novel Människoätande människor i Märsta (People-Eating People in Märsta), and the forthcoming novel Kvinnofällan (The Woman Trap). She has written extensively for Swedish newspapers and literary journals. In the 1980s and 90s she was a member of the Stockholm Surrealist Group. From 2002 to 2004 she served as the editor of BLM. Her poetry has been translated into English, Chinese and German.

Dark_Matter_CoverDark Matter
Aase Berg

Translated by Johannes Göransson

Paperback / 188p. / Poetry
ISBN 978-0-9844752-8-5
Black Ocean Books
$14.95 USD


Heavy Feather Review
American Microreviews

aase_berg_with_deerWith Deer
Aase Berg

Translated by Johannes Göransson

Paperback / 96p. / Poetry
ISBN 978-0-9777709-7-7
Black Ocean Books
$14.95 USD


Constant Critic
Galatea Resurrects
Huffington Post

TransferFatCoverTransfer Fat
Aase Berg

Translated by Johannes Göransson

Ugly Duckling Presse


Three Percent
Valerie Loveland
The Rumpus

Aase Berg

Translated by Johannes Göransson
With an Introduction by Daniel Sjölin

ISBN: 0-9765692-0-5

Action Books
$12 USD


Sleeping Fish
Action, Yes

johan-jonsonJohan Jönson

Johan Jönson (born 1966) published his first two books – Som Samplingsdikter (As Sampling Poems) and Näst Sista Våldet (The Next to Last Violence) – in 1992 and 1994. Over the next few years, he focused on writing texts for the radical performance group Teatermaskinen, including such work as FAUST-FUCK, Extas +/- Noll and Woyzeckmaskinen. At the start of the new millennium, he published the five-volume collection I Krigsmaskinen (In the War Machine) and then in quick succession the books Virus, Monomtrl, Collobert Orbital, Restaktivitet, Efter arbetsschema (which won Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize for best book of 2008), Livdikt, med.bort.in, and mot.vidare.mot. He has also worked with the dance company ccap.


Collobert Orbital
Johan Jönson

Translated by Johannes Göransson

ISBN: 978-0982212011
Displaced Press

“If Vicente Huidobro met Georges Bataille on a Waste Management(R)truck, the result might be something akin to Johan Jonson’s Collobert Orbital, the new manifesto of “the waste-disposal-working-class.” –Mark Novak

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henry-parlandHenry Parland

Henry Parland’s (1908-1930) brief but prolific and highly influential career as a poet, essayist and novelist was shaped by the tumultuous times of Russia and Europe between the two world wars. He lived in Russia, Finland and Lithuania, but his first language was German. His wide range of literary influences included Finland-Swedish Expressionism, Dada and Die Neue Sachlichkeit from Germany, Russian Futurism and Formalism, American writers Carl Sandberg, Edgar Lee Masters and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and French novelists Marcel Proust and André Gidé. In addition, he was profoundly interested in international popular arts such as film, advertisement, fashion, jazz, and dancing. Rather than thinking of Parland as a Swedish or even a Finland-Swedish poet, it may be more useful to consider him a member of the cosmopolitan movement of exiles and immigrants that moved around in Europe following the collapse of the old political order and the destabilizing of borders.


Ideals Clearance
Henry Parland

Translated by Johannes Göransson

Ugly Duckling Presse
$11 USD

“Just when you thought there were no more discoveries to be made in modernist poetry, along comes a Finno-Swedish Russian German Lithuanian teen prodigy from the 1920’s, Henry Parland, in Johannes Göransson’s zippy translation. Did anyone ever pack so much delightful weirdness into so few lines?” –Eliot Weinberger

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