At Fanzine, Laura Carter reviews Haute Surveillance.

“Imagine that you are on a secret journey through the life of Jean Genet, through the shifting framework of a character made by Johannes Göransson,” writes Carter. “You are a teenage virgin,” Carter continues, a few sentences later, “the marriage of pornography and Art, which will, in the long run (as many Woody Allen movies suggest) turn you into a Dictator.”


There are allusions, throughout the book, to a theory of media. It’s spectacular, it’s pyrotechnics, it’s naked bodies and sex and orgies of the Virgin Father and the Black Man, carefully arranged around Hegelian hate.

It’s a museum, where “I’ve become evil because language gets in the way.”

It’s a B-movie where “the human body becomes more beautiful and less a subject.”

You will discover that “Perhaps it’s an aesthetics, not an ethics.”

And there is trauma there. It’s an emergency, a state of emergency. “The trauma saturates the mansion, it’s a trauma-rama.”

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