sugar-book-coverAmpersand Review features excerpts from The Sugar Book (forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky Press, early 2015).

Selections include “I suffer from vertigo in the sepulchral chambers of the law,” “Safe in my chambers of alabaster,” “Now I have you in the underworld,” and “My Orpheus mask is shitty when I fuck Francesca Woodman.”

From the last:

I’m listening to that song about ballgowns that drip blood and I think the singer is kind of cute. Kind of like one of those saints that smell like sperm.

Kind of spammy, I think about masturbating on a masterpiece because I want to see myself on surveillance footage.

I kind of like hearing bees in b-movies…

I’m kind of writing this while a python rots in the ground. Maybe if I dug it up it would be sensational….Danz musique…

I don’t understand any of these laws but I know I know I have to be the immigrant because there’s a law against him. His outfits are too beautiful or he has cuckoo-mouths.

I know that I am getting fantastically corsetted for the Finale.

When the Finale is over I might find my own killer in the ruin porn. Or the actresses might find me enacting a threat with my wax dolls and my body doubles and my cock that looks like it’s made of wax after sex.

I look like a virgin because I’m scared and drinking black milk from my wife’s hands. From her Hiroshima glass.

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